Writing songs since the 4th grade, and doing backflips for just as long, focusing on his craft has always gotten him through hard times. Travis M. started to take Rap seriously at age 16. Amidst a torn meniscus from a tumbling accident, the young “acrobatic rappin’ addict” and his mom were evicted from his childhood home in 2009. Between injury, living in a hotel, leaving friends, and keeping the secret, emotions weighed heavy on “The MisUnderstood” MC. 

“Through it all I wrote. I wrote on the Metro, in class, and at home. My rhyme book became my most prized possession and I began taking the metro to record my first songs at a friend’s” All of this led to many firsts for Travis M.; his first mixtape, talent show and curating an independent concert right before heading off to college; Grambling State University where he joined their nationally ranked cheer team.

Taking the move to a small town as a chance to start over, yet still wanting to express himself, Travis introduced himself to the HBCU as a poet. After making a name for himself amongst his peers Travis M. gave up poetry to be recognized as a rapper. The switch paid off because it led to opening up for Tory Lanez and Young Thug at GSU in 2016, right before graduating.

Since then Travis M. has released two aptly named albums documenting his journey through song, and vlogs, along the way. “Just as music has helped me through hard times, I want my music to do the same for others”

Life after college for many is a time of self-exploration. It’s the first time in their life they are facing an adult reality that’s made of where they want to be and where they have to be. Houston-based emcee Travis M. explores that on his first album, Meanwhile. He takes listeners on a journey through the duality of his reality like no other. 

With his second album “The MisUnderstood”, Travis M. tells an Epic Tale of how Being Yourself can Save The Day. The album is backed with features of prominent Houston indies, and the engineering of Koala Khool. 

Both releases are produced by Soular Sounds LLC, a production company headed by  Founders, Travis M. DJ Nfinite, and Lead Engineer Koala Khool. 

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